Siding Cleaning

Why You Should Softwash the Siding of Your Home This Spring

Nothing ruins the appearance of a home quite like ugly stains caused by mold, mildew, moss, algae, pollen, and dirt. Unfortunately, many homes that are built with siding are particularly susceptible to unsightly stains, which detract from your home’s beauty and cleanliness.

Rather than pressure washing or scrubbing each individual panel of siding by hand, softwashing is an effective and affordable alternative that is ideal for siding stains.

Benefits of Softwashing Siding

Unlike pressure washing, which can actually cause damage to your siding because of the strong force, softwashing is gentle and effective. This technique does not lead to the degradation of the wood of your home or create potential leaks caused by high-impact methods.

Softwashing also maintains the color of the paint on your siding and your masonry for a much longer period of time. Unlike high-pressure washing, softwashing won’t damage the screens of your windows or your nearby bushes or shrubs. This is a great thing to remember for homeowners who love to garden and landscape their homes in beautiful ways. It is also more convenient for homeowners because you won’t need to take time to remove the screens of your windows for fear of damage. Screen removal is not required or at all necessary for softwashing treatments.

But one of the most important benefits of softwashing is longevity. When you have your home’s exterior professionally softwashed, you are investing in many more years of happiness and enjoyment of your home. The regular maintenance that you schedule for your siding may have a profound impact on its resale value in the future as well.

How Often to Softwash Your Siding

It is recommended to have a softwashing treatment applied to your siding once every year or two for many homes. However, the amount of time for maintenance depends upon the material of your siding. For example, wood siding is very porous and requires more frequent cleanings to preserve the color of the paint. This goes for both stained and painted wood types of siding.

Meanwhile, homeowners with aluminum or vinyl siding may be able to wait longer between softwashing treatments. A period of approximately every three years is recommended for homeowners with aluminum and vinyl siding.

By trusting a softwash professional, you’ll ensure that you aren’t just pushing dirt, mold, and mildew under the siding, but actually washing it away. A professional softwash treatment will wash away environmental excretions in every corner and crevice of your siding and actually help prevent the growth of future organisms.

When to Softwash Your Siding

Spring is an ideal time to hire a professional softwash company, like Precise Softwash, to come to your home and clean your siding from top to bottom. This is because harsh winter conditions take a significant toll on household siding, and that damage begins to show and worsen in the first months of spring.

To keep your home looking beautiful and prevent siding repairs later in the year, schedule a softwashing appointment with your local professionals at Precise Softwash. And remember, softwashing isn’t just for siding either. This technique has proven to be very effective and non-damaging for roofs, decks, outdoor furniture, and other outside areas of your property.

We are experienced, reliable, and ready to help get your home’s siding looking better than ever so you can relax and enjoy your beautiful home. So, give us a call today and take pride in the place that you call your own!