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The Importance of Regularly Cleaning Your Gutters

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Gutters are a part of the home that we often take for granted, but they have a very important job to do. They are responsible for moving rainwater and snowmelt from the roof and down to the ground. If your gutters become clogged or overly dirty, wood rot and even black toxic mold can result.

A malfunctioning gutter causes water to back up and creep up to your roof, often leading to water damage and deterioration that can cause future leaks. Ineffective gutters can also damage your home’s walls by causing water to trickle down the outside of the walls and spur the growth of mold and mildew. Your basement and crawl space may also be negatively impacted by clogged cutters and drain spouts that cause water to pool up on the ground and leak into the foundation.

Here are the ways that power washing can damage your gutters and why soft washing is the better choice for this part of the house.

How Power Washing Damages Gutters

Especially as summer turns into autumn and leaves begin falling from the trees, it is very important for homeowners to keep their gutters clean and free of debris. One common solution in the past has been to utilize exterior house cleaning services, like power washing. However, power washing can damage your gutters and leave you with more problems than you started with.

Risks of Power Washing Gutters

Pressure washers work by emitting extreme force onto the exterior of your home, and things can often go wrong when homeowners attempt to do the job themselves. Since the exterior of the average home isn’t suited to withstand the high force of a pressure washer, you run the risk of water seeping into your house, basement, or attic. It is also very possible to get water inside your walls, especially if you have wood siding.

Gutters can become damaged, dented, or knocked loose when subjected to the force of a pressure washer. And while gutters look pretty simple and basic, they actually cost quite a lot to repair or replace. Fortunately, that level of harshness and risk of damage are not necessary to get your gutters clean.

Benefits of Soft Washing Gutters

Unlike power washing, soft washing is gentle and does not damage gutters, windows, landscaping, or other surfaces of your home. A concentrated soft washing solution used is ideal for washing away mold, mildew, algae, moss, dirt, pollen, and stains that have occurred on the surfaces of gutters and inside of them. The chemicals used for soft washing are safe for your home’s surfaces and for the environment.

What many homeowners don’t realize is that it only takes a small amount of debris to prevent gutters from doing their job properly. This is why it is important to have your gutters soft washed on a regular basis. With a clean gutter, you can prevent blockages and serious water damage on your home and around your property.

Exterior House Cleaning Services in New Jersey

Precise Softwash specializes in professional soft washing techniques that restore the integrity and longevity of all parts of your home. Our exterior house cleaning services are second to none, and we understand what it takes to clean gutters for optimal functioning.

We will send out one of our experienced soft washing professionals to inspect your rain gutters and use gentle soft washing equipment to remove dirt, branches, mold, mildew, nests, and other debris that have been accumulating over time. We have specialized pole cleaning kits to access gutters effectively from the ground so that you and your family members don’t have to put your safety at risk on high ladders.

Call us today at 866-971-2847 for a free estimate and we’ll be happy to come clean and protect your home’s gutters for many years to come!