Deck Cleaning

Why Softwashing Equipment Is Ideal for Cleaning the Deck

Having a deck during the warm weather months is a wonderful way to spend more time outside with friends and family. However, decks require regular maintenance to protect your investment and help you make the most of your outdoor space.

One of the most important maintenance jobs to remember is to clean your deck, and there are several ways to go about this. You could scrub each individual board on your hands and knees, pressure wash it, or softwash it. An unclean deck not only detracts from the beauty of your home, but it can also pose health and safety risks to your family.

In this article, we’ll look at how softwashing equipment is used to protect and preserve decks and the benefits of this gentle, yet effective method.

Benefits of Softwashing for Deck Care

Experts often advise against pressure washing a deck because it can cause permanent deck damage and void a warranty that you may have. The high impact of pressure washing can actually splinter wood and decrease the lifespan of your deck. Meanwhile, manually scrubbing a deck is very labor-intensive and too challenging or time-consuming for many homeowners. Neither of these options are ideal for many people, but fortunately, there is a safe and effective alternative.

Professional softwashing is a great solution for deck care that won’t cause damage, strain your body, or take up your time. Softwashing equipment is able to preserve the grout that holds patio slate together, and it doesn’t damage your rocks. This method also allows you to preserve your wooden deck floor’s natural colors for many years to come.

Softwashing is a great technique to use on wood, not just on decks, but also fences and wood furniture in your yard. Wood of all kinds that is constantly exposed to outdoor elements will become damaged, molded, and mildewed over time. By softwashing your outdoor wooden fixtures on a regular basis, you can improve the look of your them and prevent costly repairs due to rot down the road.

How Often to Softwash Your Deck

It’s a good idea to softwash your deck once per year to remove dirt, debris, and any wood fibers. However, if you have encountered substantial storm damage or abnormally adverse environmental conditions, additional washes per year may be necessary.

It’s important to complete a thorough wash before making any deck repairs, such as fixing nail pops, repairing split wood, staining, or sealing. After softwashing your deck, allow it to dry overnight before taking any other maintenance measures.

The Best Time for Softwashing

Although regular washes are beneficial throughout the year, the best time to softwash your deck is in the late spring. This is a great time to remove debris that has collected over the cold months of not being used and wash away mold and mildew that can cause your deck’s structure to rot and decay.

Before softwashing, make sure to moisten and cover nearby plants with a plastic sheeting to prevent cleaning chemicals from damaging them. The softwashing professionals at Precise Softwash will then apply an appropriate cleanser for your deck material. Wood decks, composite decks, and vinyl decks all require different levels of care and cleaning product combinations.

It’s also a smart idea to clean your deck on a cloudy, cool day so that the sun doesn’t cause the cleaner to evaporate. After cleaning, you should wait at least a couple days before sealing your deck, which is another ideal deck maintenance task to do in the late spring.

Call us today to schedule your softwashing appointment so you can enjoy your beautiful outdoor space for the rest of the spring and well into the summer and fall.