Brick & Stone Cleaning

Why Brick and Stone Cleaning is Important for Upkeep

Stone House in New JerseyTwo of the most beautiful materials to use on the exterior of your home are brick and stone. These materials add elegance and a timeless appeal to your house, as well as durability and protection against the elements. But even the strongest bricks and stones will wear down over time if you don’t take proper care of them.

Here is some information about brick cleaning and stone cleaning so that you can keep the exterior of your home looking beautiful all throughout the year.

The Importance of Cleaning Brick and Stone

Many homeowners are under the misconception that brick and stone do not require the level of care that siding, roofs, and decks do. However, many different environmental substances accumulate on brickwork and stonework over the years. One of the most common substances that collects here is moss. Mold also takes up residence on bricks and stones and damages the mortar. Homeowners should avoid replacing mortar until absolutely necessary because new cement products run the risk of eroding older brickwork structures.

Brick and stone features typically cost more than other materials that are used on the exteriors of homes. This is another good reason to protect your existing brick and stone for as long as possible to prevent or delay expensive repairs and replacement. Some homeowners mistakenly believe that their bricks and stones need to be replaced when they simply need a thorough cleaning. A low-pressure spray and a densely-packed, soft-fibered masonry brush go a long way in improving the appearance and longevity of your walls and borders at a fraction of the cost.

How Soft Washing Works on Brick and Stone

Unlike other methods that have been used in the past, soft washing offers a very gentle and effective approach to restoring exterior surfaces. It does not damage older bricks and stone surfaces that may crack and break under the high-pressure of power washing. Pressure washing can severely damage older bricks, which will lead to extensive repairs and unnecessary costs.

For most homes, it is simply not effective to scrub bricks and stones by hand with standard surface cleaners and brushes to remove stains. It is also not advised to apply waterproofing to stained or damp bricks because sealants will lock in moisture and cause long-term damage.

Instead, soft washing preserves the integrity of the mortar and keeps your fine features looking their best. Brick cleaning in this way eliminates residues through the careful application of potent solutions. Non-metallic brushes and pure water are often used to remove the top layer of dirt and grime. From there, soft wash detergents are used to eliminate moss and mold and prevent them from growing back. You’ll notice stunning results right away, and this is a procedure that lasts longer than commercial pressure washing as well.

Brick Cleaning Companies in New Jersey

If you’re looking for brick cleaning companies in your area, then look no further than Precise Softwash. Based in Butler, we are your local experts in soft washing for all your bricks, stones, deck, roof, siding, awnings, and more.

Since effective cleaning often requires a mixture of chemicals and professional equipment, it is best to leave these types of complex jobs to trusted experts to be safe and have the job done right the first time. We recommend annual brick cleaning and stone cleaning for exposed surfaces that see harsh weather conditions in New Jersey. It is a good idea to have your brick and stone surfaces cleaned before the winter season begins so that they remain protected no matter what storms affect our area.

Contact us today to schedule a free home inspection and learn more about the benefits of soft washing your home’s brick and stone structures. We look forward to helping you protect the exterior features of your home that give it personality and make it unique.